Welcome to Bespoke7 

Bespoke7 promotes self-expression and environmental awareness. We encourage you to “Be Yourself”, care our planet, love, and respect all kinds of animals and live in harmony. We also partner globally with various artists who share the same value with Bespoke7, to spread these messages out through their artworks to the world. People always need something unique and special just for them, but most such personalised services are rare and expensive with a relatively long production time, especially for accessories. But at Bespoke7.shop, artwork, coloring, and stamping services are all available to you. Making your one-of-a-kind accessories has never been so easy, so fun, and so fast. There is something different in Bespoke7, because of you. Carrying your custom-made accessory not only shows your personality and creativity, but also your environmental consciousness. Our accessories are made by Vegan Apple Leather, developed using apple peel skin, which is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly hybrid material. It is sustainable, reducible, recyclable, reusable. Say no to animal cruelty, say hello to the greener and more harmony world. Your Bespoke7 accessory could be the only piece in the world, and you would be one of many who takes real action to care for our blue planet.  
Be a Designer
Everyone can be a Designer. At Bespoke7.shop, you can design your own handbag accessories by using your own artwork or pictures, choose your favor trim colors, emboss initial. Just a few steps, the one of a kind handbag is created by you. It is unique with your own personalities and characters. Set your trend, don’t follow.
Be Responsible
Its daunting to see how our world is functioning at the moment. Global warming, pollution, excessive consuming, and current pandemic. Its time for everybody to make some efforts, no matter big or small. At Bespoke7.shop, we committed ourself on using only environmental friendly materials. All our handbag and accessories are made by Apple Vegan leather. The latest developed highly sustainable hybrid material, upcycled from the apples we eat daily. Full of sustainable, reducible, reusable and recyclable elements. Prefect substitution for animal leather. No animal cruelty, no pollution from leather processing industry. With fantastic hand feel and its durability, we do not need to compromise the luxury and beauty of our accessories.
Be respectful
We aim to foster creativity and growth in the artistic community by partnering with different artists and brands who share the same versions with us around the world. We want our artists artworks walk out from the picture frame and become a carryable art piece in our daily live, to be respected by those who appreciate their works. It is a new cooperation method with artists who look for innovative platform to show their artworks through different channel.
No Wastage
The world has too much excessive products. To minimize our resources usage, Bespoke7 do not keep stock. We start making your bags only after you placed order. Yes, we start from scratch and make one by one for each of our customer. Pls allow 7 to 14 working days for your product to be completed and ready to send. You buy only you like it. We make only you want it. Not a single piece more.