Store Information

What is Bespoke7?

Bespoke7 promotes self-expression and environmental awareness. We encourage you to “Be Yourself”, care our planet, love, and respect all kinds of animals and live in harmony. We also partner globally with various artists who share the same value with Bespoke7, to spread these messages out through their artworks to the world. 

What material are Bespoke7 products made from?

All Bespoke7 products are made from premium sustainable materials, including Apple Leather and RPET, manufactured with ethical craftmanship. 

What is Apple leather?

Apple Leather is a premium bio-based, eco-friendly leather-like material. It is made from the leftover pomace and peel from fruit juices and the compost industry. Due to its high cellulose content, apple pomace is ideal for upcycling into new fabric. With the advancement of material engineering technology, we are expecting to add pomace from Lemons and Grapes into this bio-based material too. Our Apple Leather is certified as BioBased Product by USDA, GRS, PTA. 

What is RPET material?

RPET stands for Recycled PET Fabric. It is a material made from recycled plastic bottles. Some scientists estimate there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, and plastic bottles are one of the most common types of litter found at waterfronts. To protect and preserve our environment, instead of simply throwing away our plastics, why not recycle and reuse them! At Bespoke7, we manufacture your products with RPET as one of the primary materials as well as for lining or wherever fits the purpose. 

How do I take care of my Bespoke7 Apple leather product?

Super easy, simply wipe the product surface with a damp towel, then let it dry naturally. 

I love the Bespoke7 ideas, can I help to promote?

Absolutely, we want more people to join us to have our messages heard. We know your time is precious, therefore we have a generous Affiliate program with attractive commission scheme. Please email us at affiliate@bespoke7.shop and we can start the conversation! 

Can I join Bespoke7 as collaboration artist?

Absolutely, as long as you are an artist, share the same vision and value with Bespoke7, you are more than welcome to apply. Please email us at art@bespoke7.shop to discuss with our team. You can also join the aforementioned Affiliate program too! 

Orders Information

How can I customize the bags and accessories on the website?

Simply click the style you want, choose your preferred color, and click “personalize it”. You can then upload your graphics/images and adjust the printing position. You may also add 4 letters as personalized embossment with selection of Black, Gold, and Silver foil. Your one of a kind personalized product is just a few clicks away! 

Apart from those colors on the website, can I have other colors selection?

We have 4 default colours to choose from, but should you desire more, please let us know your desired colours by contacting us. We will also review and provide more colors for selection from time to time.


Why are ready-made items with artist artworks more expensive?

It covers the royalty fee we need to pay the artists, which gives us their authorization and consent to use their artwork on Bespoke7 items. This is a great way to blend art and accessory, to let their artworks empower Bespoke7 messages, and is also a fantastic way to pay our respects to those well-deserving artists! 

Can I upload my favorite cartoon character or movie poster which I found in the internet?

You should ONLY upload royalty free images or images which you own the copyright.

Copyrights of any image(s) downloaded from the internet could be owned by another organization. You will have to receive written consent before you can use their images legitimately by any means.

Why can’t I upload my image?

Only JPEG and PNG formats are supported. AI, PS, PDF, TIFF, GIF, and other formats are not supported at this moment.

What is the image upload restrictions?

Maximum pixel: 9000 x 9000; Minimum pixel: 300 x 300. File size cannot exceed 10Mb.

How long does it take for my order to complete?

Usually we will get your personalized product ready to ship out in 7-14 working days. On certain occasions, for example, Christmas, the production lead time could take up to 14-20 days.

What is the shipping mode, shipping cost and how long the delivery will take?

We send your Bespoke7 product by courier. We work with different courier companies for all our shipments. Once you input your address at the check-out page, our backend system will automatically advise the best shipping cost accordingly to your address. Depending on the destination, the delivery time usually takes 5-9 days. 

The product I received is not the exact color I see on my screen when I order, why?

We aim to achieve the original colors of your uploaded image and artwork. But the same color could be showed differently from different monitors or printed differently from different printers. We will ensure the output result will be as per your original CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlacK) combination, but if you are looking for some particular colors, please contact our customer service before ordering. 

I see some small residue on the lighter colored area on the apple leather. Why?

This is completely normal. They are the pomaces of apple or lemon or grape used to make your product. If you lose your Bespoke7 accessories in a forest, you might find a new apple tree grow up where you lost them a few years later! 

Payment Information

How do I pay for my product?

We support Paypal for payment. Paypal also supports Visa/Master credit card payments if you do not have Paypal account.

Can I return/refund my product if I do not like it?

Since this is a customized product, any refund/exchange will not be possible once the order is made. However, if you receive an item in less than perfect condition (e.g. manufacturing error or product defect), please contact us at info@bespoke7.shop within 7 days upon receiving your product and we will do all we can to solve the situation.

Why do I need to pay duty when I receive my Bespoke7 product?

Destination duty, custom, and tax are not included in our prices and they vary depending on the destination country. It is also the end customer’s responsibility to pay their own country’s relevant fees. You can check your item’s duty of your country through this website (Pls use HS Code: XXXXXX): https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/